Castrén & Snellman jälleen Suomen parhaimmistoa Chambers Europe 2023 -tutkimuksessa: juristeilla on ”erinomainen ymmärrys asiakkaiden kaupallisista tarpeista” ja he ”auttavat asiakkaita asemoitumaan strategisesti”

Castrén & Snellmanin kokonaisvaltainen strateginen lähestymistapa on jälleen vakuuttanut asiakkaamme, ja Chambers Europe on sijoittanut vuosijulkaisussaan toimistomme Suomen asianajotoimistojen parhaimmistoon.

Castrén & Snellmanin palvelut sijoitettiin kahteen parhaaseen luokkaan (Band 1 ja Band 2) yhdessätoista eri kategoriassa. Lisäksi julkaisu nimesi 29 asiantuntijaamme alan johtavien neuvonantajien joukkoon.

Tulos vahvistaa Castrén & Snellmanin aseman vaativien asianajopalveluiden edelläkävijänä niin yritysjärjestelyissä, riidanratkaisussa kuin kaikilla muillakin liikejuridiikan aloilla. Toimistomme on jälleen myös ehdolla vuoden asianajotoimistoksi Suomessa Chambers Europe Awards 2023 -kilpailussa.

Tässä muutamia esimerkkejä eri kategorioissa saamastamme asiakaspalautteesta:

Banking & Finance – Band 1:

”They have a great understanding of our commercial needs and provide to-the-point advice, helping us to position ourselves better strategically. Their extremely quick response time and problem-solving mindset are also much appreciated.”

Capital Markets – Band 2:

”The team is well structured, with a variety of skills and experience and a good understanding of the business expectations.”

Corporate/M&A – Band 2:

”Castrén & Snellman possesses top-notch legal and business skills combined with highly effective project management skills.”

Dispute Resolution – Band 1:

”Castrén & Snellman are very hands-on and deeply involved in the details. They understand the commercial realities of the case, what they want to achieve, and what needs to be done to achieve the end results.”

Energy & Natural Resources – Band 1:

”Castrén & Snellman has a broad understanding of relevant topics at a national and regional level.”

Restructuring/Insolvency – Band 1:

”They are to the point every time and focused on getting a result.”

Employment – Band 2:

”The Castrén & Snellman team have a strong understanding of employment law with a pragmatic business mindset.”

”The firm has been my trusted partner for many years. They have developed their team systematically and they have a good team no matter the need. Both the responsiveness and service are excellent.”

Intellectual Property – Band 2:

”Castrén & Snellman has an excellent understanding of the Finnish market.”

”The lawyers strongly push their client’s best interests.”

Competition/European Law – Band 2:

”The team are diligent and experienced.” ”The lawyers are friendly and responsive.”

Real Estate – Band 2:

”The team apply a very diligent approach and presented a very sophisticated way of solving complex matters.”

”Castrén & Snellman is efficient and flexible in solving customers’ problems.”

”Castrén & Snellman is efficient and flexible in solving customers’ problems.”

TMT – Band 2

”Their teams are versatile, led by partners who are at the top of their game.”

”Castrén & Snellman’s team provides a timely service with a flexible, can-do attitude. They are capable of handling complex assignments, and facilitate and drive processes in a comprehensive way.”

Sijoitukset perustuvat asiakaspalautteisiin, joita Chambers and Partners täydentää asianajotoimistojen toimittamilla taustatiedoilla. Katso Chambers Europe 2023 -tutkimuksen tuloksemme tarkemmin täältä.