Legal Design

Legal Design

With legal design, we create better legal products and services for our clients.

Visualising legal content and services is one way to make them more understandable and often more attractive. For example, designed contracts are easier to understand and less likely to be misinterpreted when the terms of the contract are clear to the parties.

At Castrén & Snellman, we carry out legal design projects in a multi-professional team consisting of linguists, graphic designers, lawyers, and IT and legal technology experts.

We offer a creative and efficient project that starts with identifying the need to be solved and results in a re-designed document, workshop or training, for example. Typically, the client also plays an active role throughout the design process and the project is wrapped up in a feedback session that benefits all parties involved.

With legal design, we can make the law more understandable and user-centric together.  Please get in touch, we are happy to tell you more!