You will advise our domestic and international clients in Finland’s most significant and challenging assignments.

We employ over 170 lawyers and members of the Finnish Bar Association. We are a full-service law firm, which means that you will have the opportunity to work with clients operating in a wide range of industries, from the energy sector to the capital markets, and you will be able to deepen your expertise in numerous fields of law.

You will have extensive opportunities to develop your professional skills. For lawyers, this can mean, for example, a secondment at a client company or court training.

Our open positions

International deals are usually extensive and challenging as they involve several jurisdictions. It is particularly critical to see the big picture, which is often extensive and complex. But that is the appeal.

Benjamin Bade, Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions.

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Lawyer Career Path

As a freshly graduated associate, you will assist in client projects as you develop your expertise and grow into more demanding tasks.

Once you have passed the bar exam and have at least four years of work experience after completing you Master of Laws degree, you will take on more responsibility for managing assignments and client relationships as a senior associate. Later on, you will be move on in your career to the position of counsel, senior counsel or partner.

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