Finnish P&C Insurance – Design of Insurance Terms

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We carried out a legal design project in which we designed insurance terms for Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd according to the client’s wishes.

Legal design is all about multi-professional dialogue and cooperation. In this project, our team included experts in legal technology, the Finnish language, graphic design and the law.

In line with the principles of legal design, the process was agile and iterative. In the first phase of the project, we delivered a prototype for commentary. The comments we received from the client enabled us to better address the client’s goals. The visual appearance of the final product was based on the client’s wishes and graphical guidelines. We kept the end-user in mind when designing the insurance terms – after all, user-centricity, or taking the target group’s needs into account, is one of the main principles of legal design.

In addition to a legal review of the insurance terms, the goals for this design project included clarifying the terms and cutting down on legalese. During the project, the client’s initial draft was completely transformed. The end result was insurance terms in a compact, practical and clear format.

Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd is a modern Finnish non-life insurance company that provides customised insurance services for the brands POP Insurance and Savings Bank Insurance. The digital aspect of the company was key from its foundation in 2012. The company currently has over 170,000 customers and more than 100 employees. Finnish P&C Insurance Ltd is owned by the financially sound POP Bank Group.

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