Come work on the foremost cases in a positive spirit.

Castrén & Snellman is a leading community of experts who work on the foremost cases in a positive spirit. We challenge each other and our clients every day to build sustainable success stories. We handle Finland’s most interesting assignments and put people first.

Students & Our Trainee Programmes

Each year, our trainee programmes offer over 50 students a head start in the world of international business law. We have programmes suitable for every stage of studies.

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Why Join Our Team?

Well-Being at Work

According to our personnel survey, well-being and enjoyment at work are clear strengths of our firm. Our values, supportive atmosphere, well-functioning supervisor work and opportunities to develop professionally are cornerstones of well-being at our firm, and are more important than ever in the midst of a rapidly changing world.

In addition to an atmosphere that supports well-being at work, the opportunity to have a say in and finding meaning in your own work are significant parts of work enjoyment. Meaningfulness can be found, for example, in seeing how your work helps the client succeed.

Development of Expertise

Challenging assignments and the opportunity to get close to the operations of interesting client companies are reasons why many lawyers choose to work at Castrén & Snellman. We encourage all of our employees to extensively develop their expertise. For lawyers, this can mean, for example, going on secondment in a client company or participating in court training. 

About half of our assignments are international, which is an important factor for many of our employees in their career choices. We value international experience and support our employees in studying or going on secondments abroad. In fact, most of our lawyers have either studied or worked abroad at some point in their careers. Every year, we send some of our young lawyers abroad, usually for LL.M. studies or to work in one of the law firms in our network. We are also active in numerous international organisations, such as IBA and AIJA.

Work-Life Balance

Our employees run the full range of life situations, with all of the various wishes and life goals that come with them. As a firm, we have all agreed to work together to ensure that our working community is the best possible workplace in all life situations.

We believe that our clients get the best service when our employees have a good balance between their working and private lives. Our clients increasingly expect us to be available to them whenever they need us. At the same time, we want to help our employees find balance in their day-to-day lives. Flexible working hours, remote work or providing babysitters for sick children often save the day of employees juggling work and family responsibilities. We continually look for new solutions to support our employees in striking a balance in their daily lives while still meeting our clients’ increasing demands.


Does This Look Like the Place for You?

Even if we don’t have your dream job open right now, we encourage you to submit an open application. You might just be who we’re looking for!