Strategic Commercial

Strategic Commercial

We help our clients to achieve their business objectives and to navigate the legal and regulatory landscape through clear and enforceable contracts.

We offer strategic advice on all aspects of commercial agreements, from drafting and negotiating agreements and setting up contracting strategies e.g. in greenfield projects, to value creating contract management services during the entire contract life cycle.

Our firm’s leading contract law expertise covers all upstream and downstream commercial contracts as well as all specialty areas of business law. We regularly advice in relation to e.g.

  • international framework, project and co-operation agreements
  • service, agency and consultancy agreements
  • sale, purchase and distribution agreements
  • supply agreements
  • outsourcing and manufacturing agreements
  • transport and logistics agreements
  • consumer contracts
  • licensing and franchising
  • IT agreements
  • life science related agreements

In addition to pure legal expertise, we believe a good contract lawyer also needs to understand the business in which the commercial contract is intended to operate. We have extensive experience from a wide range of sectors and industries, including e.g. technology, energy, manufacturing, consumer goods and services, food industry, automotive industry, media, telecommunications, transport and logistics, healthcare and financial services.

We also work closely together with our ESG experts in order to ensure that the quickly evolving sustainability requirements are adequately taken into account and incorporated into our clients commercial contracts and strategies.

As our client you can also benefit from our legal design expertise. Legal design is a creative approach that applies design thinking and user experience principles to contract drafting and to the creation of other legal products. Our contract lawyers constantly collaborate with our dedicated team of legal designers and our customers to enhance the user experience and effectiveness of our clients’ contracts. Our services also include the contract tool Signe.