Ways of working

Ways of working

Decades of supporting our clients’ success have enabled us to grow into a firm of over 300 people. While we are based in Helsinki, Finland, we have an extensive international network of partner firms that enables us to work all around the world. We are a trusted advisor in mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, and other specialised fields of business law. Our mission is to help our clients build sustainable success stories.

Strategic partner

Thanks to our client-oriented true partnership model, our Partners are driven to work with your best interests in mind: the right people work on the right assignments, and we help each other by sharing our knowledge and experiences concerning your business across the client team.

We collaborate closely with you to create value, drive innovation and achieve shared business objectives. We share information, ideas and feedback with you and work together to solve problems and address challenges in your business. To ensure alignment and coordination, we collaborate closely with people in various roles in your organisation.

We truly are a comprehensive strategic partner.

Efficient project management

We have extensive experience in completing projects efficiently and delivering high quality. Our clients particularly appreciate our solution-oriented attitude and approach. Frequent communication and regular interim reviews will keep you informed on our progress and the next steps in the project. 

We also offer you an extensive reporting service that ensures transparent and efficient project management.

Castrén & Snellman is certified to ISO/IEC 27001, which defines high requirements for information security management systems and the protection of clients’ data.

An independent partner across borders

We will provide you seamless first-class service around the world. Together we can find the right solutions for your cross-border projects. We are based in Helsinki, and in other parts of the world we work with an extensive international network of law firms that we have vetted for reliability and reputability.

Why – our mission

Our day-to-day work at Castrén & Snellman is guided by our values and mission. We understand our mission as the core purpose of our company, the answer to the question, ‘Why does our firm exist?’

We affirmed our mission statement together:

Building sustainable success stories.

Our values

Our values are: the Spark, Respect, Courage and Responsibility. We have affirmed these values together on the basis of extensive discussions so that we could all commit to them.

The Spark

We take our client’s matter to heart. We put ourselves on the line for our clients and push each other to exceed our clients’ expectations. The spark is born of trust, close interaction and the professional ambition of each individual. We are driven by the spark to provide the best legal service in Finland and to be the best workplace in the legal sector.


No matter what the situation is, we always play as one team. We help our clients and one another shine. Every day, we build a work community where empathy, ambition and great results meet.


We follow our own path. We don’t look for easy wins but have the courage to take a stand and to do what is right. We question, we develop ourselves and we look ahead.


Our business is a business of trust. We stand by our clients with integrity. We always strive towards the best possible result, but not at the expense of health, quality or the environment.


We are a forerunner of sustainable business in the legal services industry. We promote equality, diversity and the meaningfulness of work in our field and fight climate change. Our sustainability work covers three areas: client work, our own activities and impact on society.