Anna Kuusniemi-Laine

Partner, ESG, Member of the Finnish Bar, LL.M. (Eur)

I am one of the most experienced ESG attorneys in Finland. I am also a recognised expert in public procurement and competition law with a strong track record dating back to the 1990s.

I help clients align their operations with ESG regulations and recommendations and identify the issues they still need to focus on. In addition to corporate sustainability regulation, the whole regulatory landscape must be taken into account in sustainability work, from management liability and compliance issues to procurement practices, competition law assessment of sustainability agreements, and the specific issues of regulated industries.

As an ESG attorney, I want to inspire companies and lawyers to get involved in business-friendly sustainability initiatives to ensure that companies will continue to thrive. I give lectures and provide training on ESG issues at various events and seminars on a continuous basis.

I am involved in international projects that have an impact on ESG issues, such as the Net Zero Lawyers Alliance.

Clients appreciate my systematic, practical, and business-oriented approach.

Latest references

Services Compliance & Risk, ESG and Corporate Sustainability, Legal Design, Real Estate
Case published 6.2.2024
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Services Competition & Procurement, Data & Technology, Dispute Resolution, Energy, Environment, Infrastructure & Natural Resources, ESG and Corporate Sustainability, Intellectual Property, International Construction & Projects, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate Investments & Transactions
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Services Competition & Procurement, Technology & Communications
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Services Competition & Procurement, ESG and Corporate Sustainability, Private Equity & Venture Capital, Public Procurement, Energy & Infrastructure
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Services Competition & Procurement, Transport & Logistics
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