Lia Heasman

Counsel, ESG, Ph.D. (Law)

I am a sustainability lawyer and expert with an extensive background of 10 years in sustainability and human rights. My skill set centres around the ability to identify material ESG risks and opportunities, and further develop and implement appropriate management responses. Moreover, I have solid experience in crafting and identifying strategic value creation opportunities and developing compelling ESG narratives for stakeholders.

I work as ESG Counsel at Castrén & Snellman. I have gained expertise in various ESG deals, and previously worked as a Director, ESG in Transaction Services at KPMG. I have led buy-side and sell-side due diligence engagements for private equity and commercial clients across APAC and Europe. My focus has been on identifying and optimising value drivers to foster ESG value creation during the M&A life cycle. Additionally, I have developed a number of comprehensive ESG strategies, led effective sustainability reporting engagements, and conducted ESG supply-chain risk assessments.

Earning my Doctor of Laws degree has solidified my reputation as a respected expert in business and human rights, and I have conducted human rights impact assessments and risk assessments for globally renowned conglomerates. I have made notable contributions through the publication of scholarly research focused on business and human rights, and acted as the country expert for Finland, Sweden and Denmark for the European Commission’s comprehensive study on mandatory due diligence in supply chains.

I am passionate about collaborating with like-minded professionals who share my dedication to driving sustainable business practices. Renowned for my collaborative nature, I thrive in a team-oriented environment and foster strong relationships that pave the way for exceptional results.