3stepIT – Significant cooperation agreement between Hansel and 3stepIT

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Our client 3stepIT Oy was chosen as the IT leasing services supplier for the Finnish State in a competitive tender procedure organised by Hansel Oy, a central purchasing body for the public administration in Finland. 3stepIT, a Finnish company specialised in IT lifecycle management, has signed a significant framework agreement with Hansel on leasing services. The framework agreement covers the leasing financing of IT equipment, the management of financed leasing assets, the handling of leasing assets after the lease term and other services to be ordered separately.

The framework agreement between 3stepIT and Hansel allows Hansel’s clients to manage their IT assets under a proven and sustainable model for technology lifecycle management, enabling a uniform and controlled device environment. For example, the model facilitates the budgeting and cost-efficient management of ICT equipment, healthcare technology and other capital goods, making long-term acquisition planning more effective.

Over 100 public administration clients have acceded the framework agreement, which will be in force for a two year term, 2023–2024, with an option to extend the agreement for another two years. The value of the agreement is EUR 200–275 million during the agreement term.