The Finnish Climate Fund Investments in growth companies – towards a carbon-neutral society

We have advised the Finnish Climate Fund as it has invested in Finnish projects that, for example, support the green transition of various industries, leading towards a carbon-neutral society.

The Finnish Climate Fund   is a Finnish state-owned special-assignment company. Its operations focus on combating climate change, boosting low-carbon industry and promoting digitalisation. The Climate Fund invests in large-scale projects in which the fund’s investment is crucial to enable the project’s realisation in the first place, on a larger scale or earlier than with funding from elsewhere.

Investment in Aeromon that specialises in emissions measurement and mapping

We advised the Finnish Climate Fund in its investment in Aeromon Oy. The funding will be used to further advance technology relating to software systems and measuring capacity.

Aeromon’s technology enables the location and measurement of fugitive emissions generated by industrial plants and landfills almost in real time and in a mobile way by using unmanned aerial vehicles. The company has developed the measuring methods and equipment as well as the algorithms required for processing the signals. For their part, Aeromon’s solutions promote development towards zero-emission society.

Investment in Joensuu Biocoal

We advised the Finnish Climate Fund in its investment in Joensuu Biocoal Oy. Joensuu Biocoal will build a torrefied biomass production plant, which is the first commercial-scale production plant of its kind in Finland.

The torrefied biomass produced by Joensuu Biocoal will primarily replace the use of coal in industrial processes in the cement and steel industries, which still use a lot of coal. For its part, building the plant accelerates the transition away from coal in process industries and helps reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from industry in the medium term.

Investment in QHeat that specialises in geothermal heat generation

We advised the Finnish Climate Fund in investment in Quantitative Heat Oy (QHeat). The funding will be principally allocated to the purchase of new, more efficient drill equipment for drilling medium-deep heat wells.

Geothermal heating is part of the solution for transitioning away from the use of fossil fuels for heating as heat wells generate heat energy-efficiently and without combustion. Medium-deep heat wells can also be used for cooling real estates, in which case they can store energy to even out seasonal variations. Geothermal heat production has a great deal of potential for climate action in applications such as low-emissions heating solutions.

Investment in Finn Recycling

We advised the Finnish Climate Fund in its investment in Finn Recycling Oy, developer of a regeneration solution enabling the reuse of waste sand generated by metal foundries. The funding’s purpose is to accelerate the deployment of reclamation equipment and the company’s entry into the international market.

The annual global consumption of sand products is 40–50 billion tonnes. Particularly foundry processes in the metal industry generate waste sand tens of millions of tonnes each year. Finn Recycling’s solution extends the service life of foundry sand, reducing the use of virgin sand and the amount of waste sand and greenhouse gas emissions generated by foundry processes.