Castrén & Snellman published its sustainability report for 2023

Castrén & Snellman continues as a sustainability forerunner in business law. Our newly published sustainability report for 2023 is our fourth. The report offers an overview of our sustainability work thus far, covering three areas: advice for clients, responsible business and impact on society. 

Our sustainability report for 2023 highlights diversity work and ESG-related client assignments

We take ESG considerations into account in all the services we offer to our clients. Increasingly, we carry out ESG due diligence reviews and provide training on the developing regulatory framework of corporate sustainability.

Here are some ways in which we promoted sustainability in 2023:

  • We focused on diversity work and have had success. Fewer employees disagree with the statement that our work community supports employees expressing their membership in minorities. In our first equality survey in 2021, 13.5% of the respondents disagreed with the statement while in 2023 only 4.4% disagreed.
  • We organised our sustainability work more efficiently. We established an ESG steering group consisting of partners to focus on corporate sustainability. Our Head of Sustainability, Partner Anna Kuusniemi-Laine joined the Management Group. ESG Counsel Lia Heasman was recruited to strengthen our client work. These decisions made in 2023 will be reflected in our work this year.
  • We met our first climate targets as our direct emissions and the emissions from the energy we use decreased over 99% compared to 2019. The decrease is largely due to a switch to renewable district heating in our premises in the autumn of 2022. There is still room for improvement in reducing our indirect emissions in the value chain.

Read our sustainability report.

Our sustainability work in 2024 is spurred on by the regulatory framework of corporate sustainability as we help our clients meet the requirements of new ESG laws, such as the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive. We are also preparing for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive ourselves, since it will apply to us as of 2025.

You can read the reports for the years 2020–2022 here.

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Marja Ollila