Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management

Excellent project management is the key to both complex construction projects themselves and the legal services supporting them.

Our experienced team will be a genuine asset to you when managing and drafting extension of time claims, change orders and variations, appointing on-site dispute adjudication boards and ensuring the sufficient fulfilment of contractual obligations relating to, for example, acceptance procedures.

When issues come up during construction, our experts have the ideal commercial and technical background to enable us to effectively explore the available alternatives and protect your interests. We will work closely with your project and business personnel to identify and manage risks. You can be confident that you won’t run into expensive setbacks and that the liabilities related to your project have been thoroughly evaluated.

We know that project timetables are crucial, and our team puts special effort into providing quick and practical advice when complications arise on site during long construction periods. You can trust us to deliver hands-on solutions to problems even under demanding schedules.

Identifying and preventing potential disputes early on is always the best option. We apply the best negotiation tactics to make sure the claim and dispute management process runs smoothly. Sometimes alternative dispute resolution methods are the most effective way to resolve issues between parties. However, if disagreements continue, our experienced attorneys are well equipped to prepare claims and argue your case before courts and arbitral tribunals.