Global Mobility

Global Mobility

Global mobility brings opportunities for both employers and employees. However, international employment issues may turn out to be surprisingly complex and call for in-depth legal expertise to ensure a smooth and high-quality transition. With us and our international network of partner law firms, your employee relocation project will be in good hands.

We are a seasoned and trusted advisor to employers in international employment issues. We know from experience that seamless global mobility requires advance planning and impeccable documentation. Whether your employee will be relocated temporarily or permanently, our customised service will match your specific needs. In addition to individual relocation projects, we can assist you in tailoring global mobility guidelines for your business.

Our support reaches beyond employment law; to succeed, global mobility issues must often be covered from many legal aspects, and our experts in tax law, social insurance, data privacy and immigration will also be available to you. Where the employee is to be relocated away from Finland, we will choose the right partner from our global network to handle the assignment in the target country.

We provide advice in the following areas:

  • Foreign labour and international employment relationships
  • Cross-border remote work
  • Immigration of foreign workers

In global mobility issues, we primarily advise employer companies.

We offer you highly specialised professionals with versatile expertise to make your international relocations to and from Finland as stress-free as possible. With us, you can offer your own personnel a positive employee experience.