Employment Law Counselling

Employment Law Counselling

Employment law is a densely regulated field that calls for in-depth, specialised expertise. As Finland’s largest and strongest employment law practice, we offer a unique combination of extensive legal expertise, long-term practical experience and acclaimed negotiation skills.

We offer services in the following daily employment law matters:

  • Employment and director agreements
  • Terms of employment and amending terms of employment
  • Working time and annual holiday issues
  • Non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competition issues
  • Collective agreement issues
  • Family leave, social security and pensions
  • Terminations of employment
  • Use of external labour
  • Criminal issues relating to employment relationships

Our clients are always employer companies.

Companies that handle their employment matters professionally are respected and desirable employers on the market. You will save time and money by letting us handle your day-to-day employment law matters.