Employment Disputes

Employment Disputes

Our solid experience of handling employment disputes enables us to best secure the employer’s interests. Handling employment disputes professionally and efficiently saves time and costs.

Our services relating to employment disputes include:

  • Disputes during employment relationships and related negotiations
  • Disputes and negotiations relating to termination of employment
  • Disputes related to allegations of discrimination
  • Criminal and civil actions related to occupational safety and health
  • Negotiating settlements and drafting termination agreements
  • Arbitration proceedings and disputes before the Labour Court

Our clients in employment disputes are always companies.

No dispute is too small or large for us. We will do all we can to ensure that our clients get the best possible result in disputes and that difficult situations are solved as efficiently as possible and with due consideration of the risks and the client’s wishes. We are proud of the fact that our client feedback indicates that we have succeeded in this goal.