The success stories of the future are written by the new generation – C&S awards 40 students with a scholarship

A better and fairer future has always been close to our heart at Castrén & Snellman. During our 135 years of history, we have provided advice in socially important, ground-breaking cases and created opportunities for growth for promising young influencers.

To celebrate our anniversary and as a way to continue supporting those who will build our future, we will hand out 40 Scholarships for the Future.

The Scholarships for the Future are our small encouragement to active and inspirational young people. To students who have shown particular social initiative and strived to make a difference in something close to their heart. To those who use their voice and give their all for a better future. To those who prioritise community over self and who not only dream but also take action.

Will you author the success stories of the future?

The success stories of the future have always been written by the new generation. We are now on the lookout for those who will author our future. Is there an active and inspirational student in your community or faculty who deserves to be seen, heard – and awarded with a scholarship? Could it be you? Let us know!

Half of the scholarships are awarded to students in higher education and half to 9th graders and final-year students in upper secondary school. The secondary school scholarships are handed out directly to schools, and the schools will choose the scholarship recipients without a separate application process.

Students in higher education can apply for the Scholarship for the Future through an application process that is open to law and business majors as well as BBA and MBA students enrolled in Finnish universities or universities of applied sciences. The recipients will be chosen by a scholarship panel that will process all applications anonymously.

To find out more, visit the Scholarship for the Future campaign page.


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