OX2 – Sale of stake in Finnish offshore wind development portfolio to Ikea’s Ingka Investments

We acted as the local legal advisor to OX2 in an arrangement whereby OX2 agreed with Ingka Investments, an investment company of the Swedish IKEA retail business, on the sale of a 49% stake in its three offshore wind projects in Finland.

The three offshore wind projects, Halla, Laine and Tyrsky, are located in the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone. The projects’ total annual production could amount to up to 29 TWh once operational, corresponding to more than one third of the electricity consumed in Finland in 2022.

The aim is that the offshore wind projects start generating electricity by the turn of the 2030s. OX2 started developing the Halla and Laine offshore wind projects four years ago and was the first company to obtain exploration permits from the Finnish Government for its offshore wind projects.

We have advised OX2 in the development and permitting of the offshore wind farm projects.