Mikko Alakare

Partner, Member of the Finnish Bar

My passion for taxation rose during my student years when I led the board of directors of an international group of companies owned by a non-profit student organisation. During that time, I realised that decisions regarding taxation had a direct impact on the amount of funds that could be used for charitable purposes.

I have spent the fifteen years following my studies working as a tax specialist for leading Finnish law firms. Those years have proved to me that taxation is an essential part of all business activity. Keeping track of constantly changing tax regulations and facing the fierce tax competition between different jurisdictions place heavy demands on the knowledge of the taxpayers.

During my years in the legal business, I have gained an exceptionally wide perspective of tax matters, including direct and indirect taxation. I enjoy finding and creating feasible solutions for the clients when structuring complex transactions, but I do not overlook tasks that require explaining the very basics of Finnish taxation to clients who are dealing with these challenges for the first time.

I continuously advise clients on various kinds of M&A, real estate and financing transactions. Tax issues related to venture capital and private equity have also been an integral part of my daily work in addition to handling demanding tax disputes. My background has also led me to assist several non-profit organisations in the tax challenges they are facing.

I have learnt that the opinion of the tax authorities is not always the correct one. The fundamental right of the taxpayer is to be able to present its view on the subject matter before the final decision on a tax matter is made. Finding a fair outcome in a tax dispute requires that the taxpayer also has its say with the assistance of the right professional attorney. I can bring added value to the client especially when their view needs to be defended in administrative proceedings.

Publications such as International Tax Review have ranked me among the leading tax professionals in Finland for several consecutive years.

My personality and certain skills such as man management, ability to work under extreme pressure and to make independent decisions have also developed as top-class international referee in football and floorball.

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