Essi Järvinen

HR Business Partner

As HR Business Partner I am a member of C&S’s excellent HR team. My main responsibilities are to ensure the human resource procedures throughout the organisation and to deliver value-added service to our supervisors and personnel.

I am also the supervisor for our senior trainees and my most important job in that position is to help them develop professionally and to create a good working environment for them. I am also responsible for various development projects supporting the wellbeing and expertise of our personnel and for developing our organisational culture.

People are the best part of my work. Working with different people and teams energises me. Developing personnel and organisation culture is my passion, and I like being able to thoroughly think things over and come up with new approaches. I am very interested in new phenomena and ways of working, and I am at my best when I can be involved in a wide variety of projects.

I am an educationalist by training and have previously worked both as a consultant and in in-house HR positions. I have experience working on projects with clients and on internal development projects. My previous work experience also strongly reflects my people-centric and developmental mindset.

I believe people are the most important strategic factors that can enable an organisation to succeed.