Career Stories: Minna Korhonen

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Partner Minna Korhonen handles demanding financing assignments, real estate transactions, and insolvency and corporate law assignments

Minna joined Castrén & Snellman in 2018. Before joining the firm, she had worked as counsel at another large law firm, as an associate at a smaller firm and as a lawyer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Minna is extremely happy in her current position.

‘My experience has been that we have low team boundaries, which makes us a genuine full-service firm. We have been successful in highly demanding projects that require a wide range of expertise. Clients know that we will handle their assignments comprehensively, which is a real benefit. Work days can sometimes be long, but the work itself is interesting and my colleagues are great, which balances things out. Our warm work community, meaningful work and the clients I get to work with are what drive me forward.’

A Transaction Lawyer Through and Through

When she was little, Minna dreamed of being a paediatrician, but does not regret going into business law instead.

What interests Minna in finance is how challenging and complex the assignments are and how different each work day is.

‘Our client might be either a bank or other financial institution providing financing or a company taking out a loan. The work is more than just reviewing financing documentation, it also requires understanding the projects or transactions that are being financed, which can come in all shapes and sizes. We might be working on a real estate development project one day and working to secure financing for a transaction the next. Finance touches on many fields of law, and we often work with our firm’s other teams on assignments. We do a lot of work with our Real Estate Investments & Transactions, Environment, Infrastructure & Natural Resources and Mergers & Acquisitions teams in particular.’

Sustainability Leading the Way Forward

Green financing is a trending topic in the field at the moment along with sustainability issues in general.

Minna notes that financing is a good way to promote sustainable development and combat climate change: every project needs financing, be it an acquisition or a development project.

The pace of change relating to sustainability has been rapid and has an impact on practical client work.

‘Sustainability goals are guiding the operations of an increasing number of companies. Our firm is a forerunner in sustainability matters, which is a huge benefit for our clients. Sustainability in commerce and industry means building good business for the future, and that is something we want to support.’