Preliminary Tax Rulings – Tax Disputes Avoidable through Proactive Planning

Preliminary Tax Rulings – Tax Disputes Avoidable through Proactive Planning

We provide comprehensive advice in all tax processes: tax disputes, tax audits and tax crimes.

It takes time, money and effort to solve tax disputes. Our tax experts support you in planning your business and taxation. We help you to avoid difficulties before they occur and, if necessary, support you in solving tax disputes.

Any taxpayer can become the subject of a tax audit. In a tax audit, the taxpayer’s transactions and taxation are examined more thoroughly compared to other tax supervisory processes. This is why a tax audit may seem cumbersome even if the taxpayer had diligently observed all tax rules and regulations.

A tax audit may raise suspicions of a potential tax crime. To ensure the best possible support for your matter and to avoid any misunderstandings and confusions already at the early stages of the process, it is crucial to consult an expert as early as possible particularly in tax audit and tax crime processes.

Our tax experts have a versatile background in handling a wide variety of tax processes both as counsel and as a representative of the Finnish Tax Administration and administrative courts. In tax audit and tax crime matters, we assist our clients in cooperation with our recognised dispute and criminal procedure lawyers.