Karlo Siirala

Karlo Siirala

With EU member states implementing and expanding their foreign direct investment regimes and increasingly scrutinising reviews of foreign investments in critical sectors, the regulatory environment for cross-border investments and other change of ownership arrangements is more complex than ever before.

In many corporate transactions, it is necessary to consider whether the transaction could impact the national interests of Finland or another country and therefore require a regulatory filing with the authorities in one or more jurisdictions. As foreign direct investments (FDI) and cross-border corporate transactions more often require regulatory filings under different regulatory regimes and jurisdictions, it is increasingly important to carefully assess the implications of possible FDI regulatory filings on deal certainty and transaction timeline. It is also advisable to carefully plan the filing process and to customise the relevant deal terms appropriately.

Our experienced FDI regulation experts regularly perform FDI reviews and advise clients in authority proceedings related to investments and other ownership arrangements. We evaluate the applicability of the regulatory filing requirements as well as the likelihood of success and the potential risks of contemplated investments for our clients in the Finnish regulatory framework and determine how the filing requirements should be taken into consideration in the timeline and conditions of the transaction.

We know the changing FDI regulatory environment thoroughly. As our client, you will benefit from our extensive service offering, successful project management and recognised ability to execute complex transactions. In international regulatory matters, your project is supported by our unique global network of law firms.

Our clients include international corporations as well as private equity funds and other investors acquiring or establishing businesses in Finland or carrying out corporate transactions that directly or indirectly affect the ownership of a Finnish business. Through our international partner network, we also advise Finnish clients in their corporate and ownership arrangements that may require an analysis of FDI issues in jurisdictions outside Finland.

Our services include

  • Strategic advice related to the FDI approval process
  • Analysing the need for application and/or notification under Finnish FDI regulation in relation to agreements, investments and other transactions
  • Coordinating the work of foreign counsel with regard to the FDI analysis in other jurisdictions
  • Drafting and submitting the applications and notifications
  • Advice during the proceedings and project management of the FDI notification process as a whole