Environmental Liabilities & Remediation Actions

Environmental Liabilities & Remediation Actions

In real estate sales and purchases, it is important to allocate liability for soil and groundwater contamination.

Brownfield remediation is a key aspect of the redevelopment of old industrial sites. Let us help you find the best solutions to the environmental liability and remediation issues you may encounter in your business.

While the main rule is that the liability for restoring environmental contamination rests with the party that caused the contamination, it may be contractually hard to allocate the liability to that party or the responsible party may not be known. The contamination could also have be caused by activities that used to be legal or the responsible party could be insolvent. Our team has a broad experience of remediating and/or redeveloping brownfield properties and can provide you with effective counsel on the risks and challenges associated with the redevelopment and with the sale or purchase of such sites.

Our clients include municipalities, listed and other large companies, ministries, state-owned companies, government agencies, lenders and international law firms.

  • Negotiation of sale and purchase agreements
  • Applications for remediation permits and administrative compulsion processes
  • Legal environmental due diligence reviews
  • Liability-related disputes and settlement negotiations
  • Legal investigations of contamination, i.e. determining who is the polluter.