Control or growth?

A subtle wind of change is blowing in the Finnish economy that has continued to underperform this year. The market is waking up, and positive signs are growing stronger. Interest rates seem to be falling, which we expect to stimulate the market and hopefully kick-start the economy. There is a lot of work to do which has been left undone. 

Despite these positive signals, Europe, including Finland, risks falling behind in the global race. The significant shifts of our time, such as the green transition and the rapid progress in artificial intelligence, present golden opportunities for business and growth. However, we must ask ourselves: Is our progress hindered by an overemphasis on an increasing amount of regulation, security and a tendency towards state-centred thinking?

In the United States AI solutions and green innovations are racing forward. The US is even expected to take the lead in commercialising the green transition. Meanwhile, Europe is busy crafting and refining regulations when we should be financing change and solutions.

Of course, we need regulation to ensure fair competition, sustainable development, and consumer protection. But regulation shouldn’t be an end in itself or become an insurmountable barrier to growth and development. A shift in this mindset would boost our competitiveness and create better conditions for turning the challenges of our time into sustainable business opportunities.

As the market finally begins to bounce back, we must seize the opportunity to drive growth. Change won’t happen on its own; it will require a united effort and policies that enable growth while ensuring sustainability without creating unnecessary obstacles. Now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and work with our clients to foster growth and create sustainable success stories.

I wish our clients and business partners a delightful summer!