Jaana Kuokkanen

Team Manager, Assistant Services

I work as the supervisor of one of Castrén & Snellman’s assistant teams. My team supports the firm’s transaction lawyers in their daily work and participates in arranging various client, training and marketing events. My most important task is to support my team of assistants in their work. I also assist lawyers in our Mergers & Acquisitions service and participate in development projects.

My work history includes various marketing and communications positions as well as working as an assistant in the construction industry and in the research field. I have a master’s degree in communications management and a bachelor’s degree from a secretarial and language programme.

I am a positive and proactive team player who gets along well with people. I get excited about things where I can see development opportunities. My years of experience in a wide variety of positions has strengthened my belief that being present, listening and communicating in a genuine way are the key in both leadership and client service.

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