Summer Employees Once Again Name Castrén & Snellman as One of the Most Responsible Employers in a Summer Job Survey

Castrén & Snellman was once again named as one of the most responsible employers by summer employees in an annual summer job survey. C&S rose six positions up in the ranking from last year, placing forth in the category of small and medium-sized organisations.

The summer job survey is part of the Vastuullinen kesäduuni (Responsible Summer Job) campaign. The top ten summer employers are ranked each year in three different categories based on the size of company. The survey was carried out over the summer job season and covered 122 companies. The survey received a total of 6,404 responses. Employers were rated using criteria such as application process, induction, motivating tasks and fair treatment.

Our summer trainees complimented the interesting tasks and support we offer as well as our warm workplace atmosphere.

‘You always get thanks for a job well done, and the people who have worked in the company for longer make a point of saying that its always alright to ask questions and talk with them. My supervisor has been very supportive, which makes me look forward to coming to work. I enjoy the office so much that I often stop by to say hello to my colleagues even on my study days’, says Karin Hentunen, who worked as a junior trainee over the summer.

Adaliina Ollikainen was happy with the support everyone was provided in their development.

‘Trainees are brought on board for genuinely challenging work at quite an early stage, and the research work I did was greatly appreciated. I got feedback regularly and I could rely on the support of my team’, said knowledge management trainee Adaliina Ollikainen.

‘I’d like to thank all our wonderful summer employees for a great summer! The coronavirus situation meant that this was an exceptional summer in that our induction training was all virtual, which required flexibility on both sides. Despite the exceptional situation, it was important to us to try to make our traineeships as normal an experience as possible. An independent approach to work was especially important over the summer, as more of our employees were working remotely than usual. I’m happy to say that our trainees handled the situations very well’, says HR Coordinator Elina Kytömaa, who is involved in our trainee programmes.

The Vastuullinen kesäduuni campaign, driven by Oikotie Työpaikat, challenges employers to offer more summer jobs of better quality to young persons aged 14 to 29. The summer job survey is carried out by IROResearch every year.