Career Stories: Jutta Vainikainen

Jutta Vainikainen started work as a trainee assistant in our firm in the spring of 2019. It was her first introduction to the legal services industry, but she quickly became familiar with the day-to-day work on the sixth floor of the C&S office, which is home to the firm’s Dispute Resolution and Corporate Governance teams.

The traineeship went well and Jutta felt right at home at C&S. Fortunately, a permanent assistant position opened up in the Dispute Resolution team, and Jutta was able to stay on after the end of her traineeship.

‘I’m very happy I was able to keep working at C&S. It’s great to be able to work with a familiar team where I get along with everyone and already know how they like to work’, Jutta said.

The Dispute Resolution team assists domestic and foreign companies in challenging disputes both in Finland and abroad.

‘Our team’s assignments are interesting. Dispute cases tend to last quite a while, and we get to see the whole lifespan of the case from beginning to end’, Jutta said.

The Dispute Resolution team includes 12 lawyers and a second assistant, Laura. The dynamic assistant duo work well together.

‘My tasks include conflict checks, opening assignments, putting the finishing touches on and sending out briefs and attachments, invoicing, travel arrangements and tasks relating to foundations and associations. I help our Corporate Governance team when necessary, but most of my time is dedicated to the Dispute Resolution team. The work can be very different in each team, which provides some nice variety’, Jutta said.

The firm’s assistants are organised into a group assistant service that uses a digital task management system.  Jutta thinks the system works well, and her team has adopted the new system well, ‘work is easier to divide evenly, as both group assistants can see all of the team’s request and who is handling them’.

Jutta feels that the most important things at C&S are the people and enjoyable tasks. Jutta is young and still at the beginning of her career. She graduated as a Bachelor, HSO, in the spring of 2020 and hopes to continue her studies later and also continue to develop herself in the firm.

‘The people here at the firm and on my team mean a lot to me. This is great work for this point in my career. I am learning new things every day, which keeps things interesting. In addition to my daily routines, I like being able to participate in firm’s other projects, such as arranging events’, Jutta said.