Over the past seven years, Gasum has transformed itself from a traditional Finnish gas distributor to a modern energy company and significant circular economy operator in the Nordic countries. Castrén & Snellman has stood by Gasum’s side throughout this journey. 

When General Counsel Tiia Ryhänen joined Gasum in 2013, the company was still a traditional gas distributor.

‘We closed our first liquefied natural gas (LNG) acquisition in 2014. In the seven years since, Gasum has transformed itself into a modern, international energy company and circular economy operator’, Ryhänen said.

This major shift has taken place through a series of corporate transactions. Ryhänen has been involved in every one of them over the past seven years.

‘It has been exciting to be a part of creating something new and expanding the company. I have particularly enjoyed welcoming many new people onto the Gasum team.’

‘Like an Extension of Our In-House Team’

Castrén & Snellman Attorneys has been Gasum’s partner from the very start.

‘C&S has stood by our side throughout this journey. We have a strong partnership. C&S really understands how we handle acquisitions. We always want to act in a way that respects the people on the other side of the table’, Ryhänen said.

Ryhänen’s team includes three other in-house lawyers. Since last August, the team has also had one of Castrén & Snellman’s lawyers ‘on loan’, i.e. on secondment.

‘C&S is like an extension of our in-house team. We work with at least one of their lawyers nearly every week. We regularly talk about the best ways to move forward in assignments. We can trust them to always deliver on their promises.’

Towards a Carbon-Neutral Society

Gasum is a Nordic gas sector and energy market expert. The company’s strategy is to expand the natural gas market. Our work has a shared purpose: cleaner energy.

‘The demand for natural gas and biogas is growing fast, because fighting climate change requires switching to cleaner solutions. We are building a bridge towards a carbon-neutral society together with our customers and partners.’

In practice, this goal means that Gasum will have to expand its network of gas filling stations, increase its production and sourcing of biogas and help its customers reduce their emissions.

‘We have also expanded our operations on the electricity market. Last September, we entered into a long-term wind power deal with ABO Wind Oy for the output of their wind park. In 2023, we will begin selling our customers renewable wind power produced in Kestilä.’

Gasum’s Journey to a Modern Circular Economy Operator with C&S


Gasum acquires the entire share capital in Swedish biogas producer Skövde Biogas AB from Torran Gas Holding AB.


Gasum acquires AGA’s Clean Energy business and Nauticor’s Marine Bunkering business from Linde AG.

Gasum sells its subsidiary Gasum Tekniikka Oy to industrial maintenance partner Viafin Service Oyj.


Gasum increases its shareholding in Skangas to 100%.

Gasum acquires Enegia Group Oy’s energy market services business.


Gasum increases its shareholding in Skangas to 70%.

Gasum sells its heat business and natural gas retail business to Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy in the Auris gas distribution network area.

Gasum acquires 100% of the shares in the Swedish biogas producer Swedish Biogas International.

The acquisition makes Gasum the leading producer of biogas in the Nordic countries.


Gasum acquires the Biotehdas biogas plant chain owned by Taaleritehdas Biofactory I Ky Private Equity Fund.

Gasum and its subsidiary Skangas acquire the Risavika LNG production plant in Norway from Lyse Group.

Gasum acquires the full shareholding of Biovakka Oy.


Gasum sells the shares in its subsidiaries Gasum Paikallisjakelu Oy and Helsingin Kaupunkikaasu Oy to SL Capital Partners.


Gasum acquires a majority in Skangass’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution operations from Lyse Corporation.

The acquisition makes Gasum the leading Nordic LNG operator.