We advised Evli Bank Plc in a complex arrangement between Evli and Fellow Finance Plc, in which Evli demerged into a new asset management group, Evli Plc, and a company that will carry on Evli’s banking services and into which Fellow Finance merged. The arrangement was carried out through a partial demerger of Evli Bank and an absorption merger in which Fellow Finance merged into the remaining part of Evli Bank immediately after the demerger. The new company created through the merger that will continue the banking services was named Fellow Bank Plc.

As part of the arrangement, we advised Evli Bank Plc in particular in the demerger and merger processes as well as with respect to related prospectuses and authorisations, registrations and approvals required for the completion of the arrangement. The completion of the arrangement required, among other things, approvals and registrations from the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, the European Central Bank and the Finnish Trade Register.

The completion of the arrangement also required that Evli Plc’s class B shares be listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. In connection with Evli Bank’s change to Fellow Bank, Evli Bank’s class A shares and class B shares were converted into one listed share class. In addition, Fellow Bank’s capital position was strengthened with a directed share issue.

The arrangement resulted in a new Evli, which will focus on wealth management and advisory services, and Fellow Bank, which is based on a scalable and digital service concept. The arrangement further improves opportunities to grow both banking services and wealth management as independent businesses.