We are acting as the legal advisor to Reka Industrial Plc in the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary Reka Cables Ltd, which operates the cable business of Reka Industrial. The purchase price of the shares is EUR 53 million and will be paid in cash. According to the Finnish Accounting Standards, the net debt of Reka Cables at the end of September 2022 was EUR 6.5 million. The completion of the transaction, conditional on the approval of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Reka Industrial and approvals by competent regulatory authorities, is expected to take place during the first half of 2023. Reka Oy, representing in aggregate 65.36% of the voting rights in Reka Industrial, has irrevocably undertaken to vote in favour of the transaction at the Extraordinary General Meeting.

Reka Cables is the largest Finnish-owned cable manufacturer, which has been at the forefront of the cable industry for more than 60 years. Reka Cables provides durable, high-standard cable solutions for renewable energy production, network construction and industry as well residential and office construction. Reka Cables has approximately 270 employees, and the turnover in 2021 was EUR 134 million.