Turn on the lights

Times are changing. It seems that we are now collectively becoming concerned for the most basic things in our lives: our homes, our families, our society and our businesses. At the same time we in Finland are grateful for our freedom: the merits of free democracy are clearer than ever, and we are comforted by even the slightest signals of it holding up when things get tough.

There are no easy matters on the management’s agenda: the war in Ukraine, recessionary fears, soaring inflation and the energy and climate crises have an impact on the economy and business activity. The increasing protectionism in the USA is also worrying from the European point of view.

It would be easy to join those who complain. Yet every crisis has its silver lining and gives rise to new opportunities that are creatively leveraged by some. If you have the courage to act, you can outshine your competitors even on rainy days. To find impressive and inspiring success stories, just take a look at Finnish unicorns.

The one thing we should not do is stay huddled in our own homes. We should venture out into the world with open minds and brave hearts to grow and learn. And when we come back with a bag full of new experiences and ideas, it is time to greet our home again, to turn on the lights and see things with fresh eyes.

We should also remember to cherish our partnerships. Our job at Castrén & Snellman is to help our clients make the right decisions and succeed in good times and bad.

Right now, the list of things to tackle might seem long. However, our belief in sustainable success stories remains strong, and we will continue to build them together with you also in the coming year.

We wish to thank our clients and business partners for your trust and great cooperation this year!