Towards the new

We are living in exceptional times in Finland. Our economy is struggling, and we desperately need to find ways to create growth. In addition, our relations with Russia have severely changed and the border between Finland and Russia is closed. We are facing challenges we were not expecting and have come to realise that Finland may no longer be the safe haven it used to be. When the world changes with tectonic force, as a small country we are not always the ones in control. Instead, we must react to global events in a right and timely manner and make the best possible decisions for our country.

Our resolution and ability to stay cool under pressure are put to the test once again. Now is the time to decide how to shape Finnish society and economy so that we may leave them to future generations in a better condition. We must be able to renew and invest in the future, not least because it is good security policy.

While we cannot be overly optimistic about the coming year, it would be a mistake to succumb to pessimism. Inflation is slowing down, and economists predict that the general interest rates will start to decline. This will hopefully unlock and encourage investments. Furthermore, decreasing costs and increasing profitability and appetite for investments will boost the major energy transition.

December marks the end to Castrén & Snellman’s 135th anniversary, which has been a welcome respite amid the world’s turbulence. We, too, at C&S are tasked with finding ways to increase efficiency and to provide smarter and more sustainable solutions to our clients. AI and its many applications are important tools in achieving this.

Finland has a long history of overcoming challenges, and I have no doubt it can do so once again. Creating growth and productivity is down to all of us. We at Castrén & Snellman wish to be involved in shaping our society and to do our part by helping our clients succeed in the changing world.

I’d like to thank our clients, stakeholders and employees for the past year and wish you courage and success for 2024!