Our people are our most important asset – support in different stages in life from the Benefit Bucket

In today’s changing world, a company that does not look after the wellbeing of its employees has lost its competitive edge. We at Castrén & Snellman listen to our employees and take concrete action to promote wellbeing at work and good work-life balance. We take care of one another and make sure we have the resources to manage the sometimes hectic everyday life. Ultimately, this means our clients receive the best possible service. We wanted to offer a benefits package that would support the wellbeing of different individuals as well as possible. Out of this vision, ‘Etulaari’ or the ‘Benefit Bucket’ was born.

Flexible practices to support expert work and wellbeing

With the people at C&S ranging from students to those with extensive careers, the personal circumstances of our employees are as numerous as the employees themselves. Besides work, some take care of small children or elderly family members, while others dedicate their time to a wide range of activities and responsibilities. We all have different roles and ways of working as well. Sometimes we prefer working remotely in the peace and quiet of our own homes, while at other times we long for the hustle and bustle and the chance encounters of the office. No matter the personal circumstances and ways of working, we aim to support everyone’s work and wellbeing in the best possible ways.

At Castrén & Snellman, the work adjusts to the employees. Each team agrees on their own remote working policy, providing flexibility to everyday life and enabling working in different stages in life. Early risers have the option to start before 8, and parents don’t have to rush to take their children to day care before starting their work day. Work can be done at the office, at home, on a train or even by the lake, sitting on the sauna porch on a summer day.

Customised benefits from the Bucket

We want to support the wellbeing of our employees beyond just offering flexible work arrangements and a pleasant office. That is why last year Castrén & Snellman developed and implemented the Benefit Bucket. This wide selection of benefits can support wellbeing at work and a good work-life balance in every stage in life. The Benefit Bucket was born out of a desire to create something brand new – a benefits package in which our experts can influence the benefits they choose. New benefits are constantly entering the market, and what works for some might not work for others. We wanted to create a package of benefits where everyone can choose the benefits best suited to their circumstances and preferences.

In the new Benefit Bucket model, our permanent employees get to choose the benefits they want to enjoy the coming year annually. There are over ten benefits to choose from, from the traditional lunch, sports and culture, and phone benefits to the newer and perhaps more uncommon benefits, such as the Seurana service that provides companions for elderly relatives as well as Tutorhouse’s tutoring services for secondary school and high school students. To support commuting, the Bucket includes benefit bikes as well as a commuting benefit to be used on public transport. Those looking to invest in their physical health and wellbeing can choose the massage benefit or a dental care package. The best part is that it is easy to add new benefits to the Benefit Bucket later on. The Bucket also adapts to changes in the employees’ life. For example, it was easy for our experts to swap the lunch benefit to another one when they switched to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flexible work life supporting a diverse community

Our employees and their wellbeing are our firm’s most important assets. We want to accommodate different and diverse experts no matter their background or personal circumstances. The Benefit Bucket is a part of this: not only does it offer a wide selection of benefits, but it is also possible to change the personal selections each year. If there are major changes in any part of someone’s life, the benefits can be customised accordingly.

However, this is just the beginning. We will keep developing the Benefit Bucket, the benefits we offer and our ways of working in close cooperation with our personnel so that we can carry on building sustainable success stories.