Oskari Gestrin

Chief Operating Officer

As a Finance Director my team and I are responsible for financial information in business management and ensure legal obligations are managed at the required level of quality. I also participate in the management and development of the company as a member of the management team.

I enjoy when I can help people to succeed and shine in their work. At the heart of my expertise is the modelling and implementation of forecasting solutions, as well as the utilisation of data and technology in reporting and processes. My spark ignites especially in change management, as well as in implementing strategic projects in the company’s culture and operations. Before Castrén & Snellman, I worked as the regional CFO in an international ad agency. I have also worked for several entrepreneurs and companies as a financial advisor.

As a person, I am positive, social, and energetic. I have high morale, a need to develop, and a desire to help people around me.