Suomi 2049 Podcast Asks What Finland’s Formula for Success Might Be in the Future

What impact will our decisions today have 30 years from now? This question is at the heart of the Suomi 2049 podcast series. Castrén & Snellman contributes to the discussion on topics such as how work will change in the future, how sustainable development can be achieved, what lies ahead for Europe and how sports can make the world a better place.  With experts from different fields, we ask what role Finland can take in this globalised world.

Tune in with five of our partners: employment law expert Outi Tähtinen, sustainability specialist Anna Kuusniemi-Laine, data and technology expert Eija Warma-Lehtinen, tax expert and football referee Mikko Alakare and Managing Partner Sakari Lukinmaa.

The eight episodes, which are hosted by futurist Mika Aaltonen, feature guests such as MP Elina Lepomäki; Jyri Häkämies, Director General of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK; ice hockey legend Erkka Westerlund; and Antti Palola, Director General of the Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK.

The series is available in Finnish on multiple platforms, including Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast. Join us and listen to what the future might look like!