C&S Supports Finnish Top Athletes – Opening of Winter Olympics in Beijing

More than 95 Finnish top athletes are pursuing their dreams in the Winter Olympics that start today in Beijing. We have been a partner and legal advisor to the Finnish Olympic Committee since 2013.  During these games, our experts will help the athletes and the Finnish Olympic Committee, for example, with interpreting the marketing rules. The games will last over two weeks and take place between 4–20 February.

We always seek to impact marketing of the Olympics proactively and draft communications instructions for athletes and commercial operators. We started evaluating the marketing campaigns for the Beijing winter games and providing advice on them already last summer, and this time our goal was to clarify the rules and instructions so that athletes and other accredited participants in the games can put all their energy into their performance. During the games, we will assist, for example, in supervising the Olympic rights.

As part of our partnership, we advise the Finnish Olympic Committee in legal matters relating to sports. Our cooperation, which has soon lasted ten years, provides the preconditions for the Committee to do its best both in the sports arena and behind the scenes.  The mission of the Finnish Olympic Committee is to energise Finland through physical activity and sport, which is a goal that we as a company want to support. In particular, we want to promote physical activity among children and adolescents.

We wish the whole team the best of luck!


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