A Year of New Technology – Document Automation Now Part of Everyday Work

Signe, Castrén & Snellman’s document automation tool, was launched inside the firm four years ago to speed up drafting. In January of this year, we began offering our document automation expertise of our clients.

You can use Signe to create new documents efficiently based on automation, which reduces the amount of time spent on drafting. The documents that you need most often, such as various contracts, are always within arm’s reach.

Signe makes it possible to test how automation could benefit your workplace. It is easy to start with your most common documents, such as confidentiality agreements or powers of attorney, before automating more extensive sets of documents. Signe functions as a portal, and the monthly fee depends on the total page count of your automated documents. If you already have contract templates, automating them through Signe is often a matter of just a few days.

Automation Frees up Time for More Challenging and Creative Work

Using technology to support legal work speeds up and streamlines document drafting at a reasonable cost by reducing routine tasks. This produces many benefits, such as better work efficiency, smoother contract negotiations and improved risk management. By freeing up time for more challenging and creative work, technology also improves work satisfaction.

New Product: Annual General Meeting Minutes

Castrén & Snellman is now offering annual general meeting minutes as a new type of automated document. Automated minutes streamline administrative work by making it easier to get to grips with the contents and structure of the minutes, speeding up the recording of meeting participants and their shares, and providing alternative wordings for mandatory sections prescribed by the Limited Liability Companies Act.

Signe makes it possible to draft minutes for as many as ten companies quickly using a single form. The minutes and other documents are available in Finnish, English and bilingual versions.

Castrén & Snellman’s legal tech team supports our clients by producing efficient automated documents. Get acquainted with Signe by contacting Teresa Kauppila or Paula Aura.