Lantmännen Agro – Acquisitions of JS Perttula Oy and Ismo Lindell Oy

We advised Lantmännen Agro Oy in its acquisitions of the entire share capitals of JS Perttula Oy and Ismo Lindell Oy.

JS-Perttula Oy operates the Lantmännen Agro stores in Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna and Nurmijärvi. Ismo Lindell Oy operates the stores in Kouvola and Lappeenranta.

Lantmännen Agro Oy is a Finnish agricultural company and part of the Lantmännen ek för corporation. Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative and a leading player in the agricultural, machinery, bioenergy and food sectors in the Nordic countries.