We act as legal advisor to Bilot Plc in the merger of Bilot Plc and Vincit Plc, which is proposed to be implemented as an absorption merger pursuant to the Finnish Companies Act.

“Merging with Vincit is the next logical step for Bilot on the way to becoming a more comprehensive and versatile operator. The merger will accelerate Bilot’s on-going change and enable stronger contribution to customer experience, electronic business operations and internationalisation in the future. Thus, the merger will create an opportunity to further invest in the future company’s growth. Customer portfolios, target markets and offerings that complement each other will create a new kind of market actor with a strong culture and employee experience at its core. Even though the name will change, Bilot’s impressive story will continue together with another fine company. The future is looking even brighter,” says Jens Krogell, CEO of Bilot.

In 2020, the illustrative combined operating profit of the future company was approximately EUR 70.6 million and EBITDA approximately EUR 9.1 million. On 31 December 2021, Bilot and Vincit had a total of approximately 821 employees.

Bilot Plc is a Finnish IT services company that provides its customers with a strategic competitive advantage by developing a comprehensive digital business.

Vincit Plc is a top expert organisation that offers its customers digitality that always works, with no nonsense, for a world without fear for tomorrow.

The companies’ shares are listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.