Scholarship for the Future

A better and fairer future has always been close to our heart at Castrén & Snellman. During our 135 years of history, we have provided advice in socially important, ground-breaking cases and created opportunities for growth for promising young influencers.

To celebrate our anniversary, we will hand out 40 Scholarships for the Future. This is our way to continue supporting those who will build our future.

The Scholarship for the Future is our small encouragement to active and inspirational young people who use their voice and give their all for a better future. To students who have shown particular social initiative and made a difference in something close to their heart. To those who prioritise community over self and who not only dream but also take action.

The application period ended on 30 April 2023. We thank all applicants and referees!

Today, we are delighted to announce that the following exceptional young people have received a Scholarship for the Future:

Alli Pylkkö, law studies
Cevor Tikerpuu, law studies
Elias Järventaus, economics and business administration
Elisa Hyvärinen, law studies
Emilia Tuomiluoma, law studies
Emma Långström, law studies
Enna Hietikko, law studies
Hekma Peltonen, law studies
Helen Laitinen, economics and business administration
Jere Tuononen, law studies
Julia Kinnunen, law studies
Kerttu Mikkonen, economics and business administration
Martta Luoma, law studies
Onni Kuivala, law studies
Pia Blomqvist, economics and business administration
Ronja Dorairaju, economics and business administration
Roope Rantala, law studies
Sami Hasunen, law studies
Sonja Kojo, law studies
Venla Mathlein, law studies

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Will you author the success stories of the future?

The success stories of the future have always been written by the new generation. We now want to reward those who will author our future. 

Half of the scholarships are awarded to students in higher education and half to 9th graders and final-year students in upper secondary school. The secondary school scholarships were handed out directly to schools, and the schools chose the recipients at their discretion. The scholarships will be handed out in the schools’ end-of-year ceremonies.

The recipients of the Scholarships for the Future have been chosen by a scholarship panel that processed all applications anonymously.


Scholarship panel

A scholarship panel included Castrén & Snellman’s Managing Partner Sakari Lukinmaa and HR Director Outi Ruohola together with influencer Maria Karjalainen and Sitra’s Senior Advisor Jorma Jaalivaara. The panel processed all applications anonymously.

Maria Karjalainen, UNESCO youth delegate 2023–2024

The UNESCO youth delegates participate in the UNESCO General Conference as part of the Finnish delegation and are invited as experts to the Finnish National Commission for UNESCO that operates under the Ministry of Education and Culture. In addition to acting as a UNESCO youth delegate, Maria Karjalainen has advocated for the involvement and influence of young people in national and Nordic youth organisations for over five years.

Jorma Jaalivaara, Senior Advisor, Sitra
Sitra’s former General Counsel, Board member and secretary to the Board (1 August 1999–31 October 2022)

In his current position as senior advisor, Jorma Jaalivaara participates in the management of Sitra’s investment activities and provides legal advice for the Sitra institution and Sitra’s investment and financing activities. Among other duties, he acts as the secretary to Sitra’s Supervisory Board.

Sakari Lukinmaa, Managing Partner, Castrén & Snellman

Outi Ruohola, HR Director, Castrén & Snellman


Top tips for applying for the Scholarship for the Future

  1. Let us know in your own words how you have been socially active and made a difference to something you deem important. Share your thoughts, actions and deeds: How do you want to change the world? What motivates you and makes you want to work for the common good?
  2. We do not award the scholarships based on academic achievements. Instead, we wish to award students who are passionate and determined about promoting societal matters close to their heart. Tell us about this in your application.
  3. Remember to be yourself!



Who can apply for the scholarship?

The application process for the Scholarship for the Future is open to law and business majors as well as BBA and MBA students enrolled in Finnish universities or universities of applied sciences.

Is the scholarship amount the same for all students in higher education?

Yes. We award 20 scholarships to support students in higher education, each worth EUR 500.

I am in lower/upper secondary school, can I apply for the scholarship?

The scholarship application process is for students in higher education only. We will also award 10 scholarships for 9th graders and 10 scholarships for final-year students in upper secondary school. Castrén & Snellman will select the schools for the scholarship programme. The lower and upper secondary schools selected for the scholarship programme will choose the scholarship recipients.

When will I know if I have been awarded?

The application period will end on 30 April 2023, and the panel will choose the scholarship recipients in May. We will let all applicants know the results personally via email in May.

I have something important to ask about the application process. What should I do?

You can email your question to or call Hanna Hokkanen (contact information below).


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The application period ended on 30 April 2023. We thank all applicants and referees!