Oona Fromholdt-Nyman

KM Lawyer

I am a member of our knowledgeable Knowledge Management & Innovation team and the team lead of our internal Information Service. My responsibilities include the daily operation and development of the Information Service and supporting the organisation in questions concerning legal research. I am also responsible for the acquisition of our external legal databases.

I also have the privilege of working as the supervisor of the talented KM trainees of our Information Service and take part in the recruitment of new KM trainees. Our team’s responsibility is to ensure that our clients and the firm’s personnel have the most recent and best information available to them. Our work includes demanding information retrievals from various fields of law and drafting follow-ups regarding legislative matters and case law.

Over the course of my career, I have grown accustomed to navigating between various fields of law without losing sight of the bigger picture. It could be said that I am a generalist lawyer who specialises in dispute resolution. My areas of expertise include judicial proceedings in national administrative courts, as before joining Castrén & Snellman I worked as a referendary in the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland and the Helsinki Administrative Court. I also advise our clients on legal issues concerning public administration and general administrative law. In addition, I have experience in legal disputes concerning, among other things, competition law-related claims for damages and commercial contracts.

I strongly believe that a skilful lawyer must understand the broader social context relating to each legal question at hand. I am interested in corporate responsibility and bringing the perspective of fundamental and human rights to business law.

I am currently on family leave.