Laura Häyrinen

Senior Associate, Master of Laws


  1. Employment

I am specialised in employment law. I assist our clients in various questions that can arise during employment, such as questions related to working hours, termination of employment, the acts on equality, non-discrimination and co-operation, and the applicable collective agreement. I advise our clients in various matters related to employment law and represent them in courts. I also enjoy providing training in employment law matters.

I have spent most of my career working with employment law cases, and I still find this branch of law extremely interesting. Employment law cases usually derive from concrete real-life problems, and that is what keeps me motivated year after year. I have a wide experience from the legal services industry, but I have also worked in an employer organisation and in the Confederation of Finnish Industries. This diverse background gives me a valuable perspective on various kinds of employment law issues. Thanks to my background, I am also very familiar with the national collective agreement system.

I am a very approachable and sociable person, and clients find it easy and comfortable to work with me. I have an ambitious and curious attitude towards every assignment: I take a personal interest in each case and leave no stone unturned to find the perfect solution. Sometimes it is necessary to resolve the matter in court, sometimes it may be wise to consider a settlement. I always have the customer’s interest in the centre of my action, and I find it extremely rewarding to work in close contact with our clients.