Two New Partners: Pia Ek and Eija Warma

Castrén & Snellman is starting off the year by embracing change and once again announcing two new partners: market leaders Pia Ek (as of 1 February 2017) and Eija Warma (as of 1 February 2018). Pia will take up the reigns as head of our Digital & TMT and Outsourcing services and Eija will continue as head of our Data Protection & Privacy service.

Digitalisation is the main megatrend of our time, driving an unprecedented degree of change that will leave no field of business untouched. Everything that can be digitalised, will be digitalised. It’s no longer a question of procuring individual systems, but of large-scale and high-intensity business transformations. This has already led to technology becoming an indispensable building block of any business in terms of both boardroom attention and budget size. 

‘For nearly two decades already, our goal has been to cultivate both the breadth and depth of our team of technology experts, and Pia and Eija have both been key long-term players in this project. This is something that has also been noted by numerous consistent tier 1 rankings of both our individual experts and our team as a whole’, says Castrén & Snellman managing partner Pauliina Tenhunen.

Our experts have spent years working side by side with clients who are leading digital pioneers on groundbreaking technology projects. We are one of the only Finnish law firms to offer the full spectrum of technology law services, with a team of leading experts in TMT and digitalisation, data protection and privacy and intellectual property services.

‘Given her more than 15 years of experience, both technology suppliers and clients in the private and public sectors strongly trust Pia’s expertise in their complex and demanding projects. During her long career, Pia has seen how technology has upended traditional business models and enjoys getting her hands dirty helping our clients harness this change to build their future success. Pia is known as a level-headed lawyer and colleague who focuses on solutions rather than problems. As a big sports fan, Pia has an impressive number of sports professionals in her network, and no matter how busy she is, always finds time for assignments where she can make use of her sports law skills,’ says Tenhunen.

‘Eija, for her part, is undeniably one of Finland’s best known data protection experts. Having worked as her colleague for more than 12 years now, it has been fantastic to see her determinedly develop her expertise and take the role of an experienced pioneer in this niche field of law, which has grown to become very important to businesses today. Our clients truly appreciate Eija’s ability to take complex privacy matters and boil them down into understandable, actionable items. The new Data Protection Regulation requires actions from all business, regardless of size, and I’m proud that we have the top team in the country to help our clients make best of it,’ says Tenhunen.

Pia and Eija join IP partner Sakari Salonen to form the new spearhead of the technology, DP and IP services. This trio of partners are each dedicated to developing their respective services as part of our comprehensive offering. The combination of these teams makes our firm an ideal strategic partner to help our clients both make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalisation, but to avoid its pitfalls, as well.

Castrén & Snellman employs nearly 160 lawyers and a total of approximately 270 employees in Helsinki, Moscow and St Petersburg. Our mission is to help our clients succeed in a rapidly changing world.

For more information, please contact:
Pauliina Tenhunen


Pia Ek
Eija Warma


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