Janne Lauha and Hannu Huotilainen Author Finland Chapter of The Banking Regulation Review

Janne Lauha and Hannu Huotilainen contributed a chapter on Finland to The Banking Regulation Review’s seventh edition.

The publication examines banking regulation in more than 40 countries. The article authored by Castrén & Snellman covers the key characteristics of the Finnish regulatory framework applicable to banking institutions. The year 2015 was significant from the regulatory perspective, as two EU-wide regulatory regimes, the CRD IV regime and the new recovery and resolution regime, took full effect in Finland, thereby shaping the Finnish regulatory framework towards even greater reliance on harmonised EU legislation. The article by Lauha and Huotilainen deals with, among other things, the new prudential requirements applicable to Finnish credit institutions and the recent developments in the conduct of business obligations in the banking sector. The editor of the publication is Jan Putnis and it is published by Law Business Research Ltd.

You can download the Finland chapter as a PDF here.