VR-Group – Tender for HSL Commuter Train Traffic

We represented VR Group Ltd in the first HSL commuter train traffic tender in history. VR Group won the tender and will continue HSL commuter traffic operation and train fleet maintenance until 2031. The contract value is approximately 400 million euros. The contract for commuter train traffic covers all of HSL’s traffic on the Ring Rail Line, on the Coastal Railway from Helsinki to Siuntio and on the main line all the way to Kerava. This means more than seven million train traffic kilometres and more than 70 million journeys a year.

VR Group is a responsible service company operating in the field of travel, logistics and maintenance. The group employs 6,000 professionals, with annual net sales of approximately one billion euros. The group primarily operates in Finland, but it also has operations abroad, especially in Russia. VR Group is owned entirely by the Finnish state.