We assisted the association U-landshjälp från Folk till Folk i Finland rf in a reorganisation of its activities. The association, which is to be dissolved, established a foundation to continue the association’s operations. The transformation of the association into a foundation ensures that the association can continue its activities without altering its original purpose and sustainably support climate work and global development in the future.

In the reorganisation, the association transferred its assets and liabilities and operations to the newly established foundation in their entirety. The association’s personnel also transferred to the foundation as existing employees. In the final stage of the reorganisation, the association will be dissolved.

U-landshjälp från Folk till Folk i Finland sr will continue to be known by its familiar acronym UFF in the future. The former association will continue to promote the public good as a foundation by maintaining a recycling service in Finland and supporting development work in Africa and India. Through the recycling of clothes, UFF aims to bring about sustainable development that reduces extreme poverty in the world. UFF supports education, food security and income-earning opportunities in Africa and India. It also brings Finns into contact with sustainable development and the affairs of the developing world. In addition to the collection of clothes and donations, the foundation’s activities are made possible by state aid granted by Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the support of the European Union.


Virve Groning, UFF sr’s Managing Director:

‘The reorganisation has been a unique moment in UFF’s history. Our objectives were to strengthen the conditions for our future activities and to ensure the continuity of the organisation’s original missions: to support climate work and global development for sustainability. Thanks to Castrén & Snellman’s comprehensive expertise, we have been able to ensure that all the necessary aspects are covered in the reorganisation. By overseeing the change process in a careful and proactive way, we achieved reliable continuity for our practical service work in society, both for our climate service in Finland and our global development programme.’