Finnish Mutual Patient Insurance Company – Procurement of an Insurance Platform

We assisted Finnish Mutual Patient Insurance Company (FMPIC) in its procurement of a SaaS-based insurance platform. The procurement was conducted as a negotiation procedure with Swedish iFACTS Ab selected as the supplier of the platform. The new platform is expected to be launched already in autumn 2022.

With the procurement of the insurance platform, FMPIC aims for better and more reliable management and processing of customer relations and insurance policies. The goal is to reduce the risks associated with managing customer relations and policies, to improve the data security and data protection of customer and insurance information and to meet regulatory requirements.

FMPIC was assisted in the procurement and contract negotiations by our public procurement experts Johanna Lähde and Atte Andersin, Pia Ek and Miika Junttila from the data and technology team and by our insurance expert, Sami Lommi. 

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