Evli Bank – Demerger into an Asset Management Group and into a Banking Group into which Fellow Finance Will Merge

We advised Evli Bank Plc in an arrangement between Evli and Fellow Finance Plc in which Evli will demerge into New Evli, an asset management group that will be listed, and into a company that will carry on Evli’s banking services and into which Fellow Finance will merge. The company that will carry on the banking services will be called Fellow Bank.

The arrangement will be carried out through a partial demerger of Evli and an absorption merger in which Fellow Finance will merge into Evli immediately after the demerger.

The arrangement will create a new company, Fellow Bank, which will be based on a scalable and digital service concept, as well as New Evli, which will be further focused on wealth management and advisory services. The arrangement further improves opportunities to grow both banking services and wealth management as independent businesses.

The intention is for New Evli to apply for authorisation as investment firm. The arrangement is also conditional on other authority approvals and on approval by the general meetings of both companies. The arrangement is intended to be completed during the first half of 2022.