Top 5 Most-Read Blog posts of 2016 at Castrenblog.com

In 2016 we published altogether 31 blog posts at Castrenblog.com. Our readers were most interested in current topics such as upcoming data protection regulation, crowdfunding, the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation and Brexit. Practical tips and step-by-step instructions such as information retrieval tips for lawyers were also very popular.

Here are our top 5 most-read blog posts of 2016:

1. How to Prepare for the Requirements of the EU’s New General Data Protection Regulation?

2. Crowdfunding Gets Ground Rules

3. How to Take Data Protection into Account in M&A Transactions: 6 Tips

4. Pro Information Retrieval Tips for Lawyers

5. MAR, the EU Market Abuse Directive: A Step Back for Finland

We are happy that our blog can help our clients prepare themselves for upcoming challenges that might affect their business. Many of last year’s posts are still current and we are writing new blog posts all the time. In fact, during this spring we will publish our 100th blog post, so please browse castrenblog.com. On the same page, you can also subscribe to have our blog posts delivered straight to your email.

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